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Denied Workers’ Comp Claims


Denied workers’ comp claims happen all the time so if you are currently facing this frustrating and scary situation let the team at Ratto Law Firm, P.C. encourage you; everything will be ok!

We work with clients in Oakland, Concord, San Jose, Salinas, Sacramento and Stockton, California and all over Northern California to appeal denied workers’ comp claims and seek a ruling for our clients that results in proper compensation under the law.

Most denied workers’ comp claims are denied for one of these reasons:

● Missed Deadline: If you failed to report a work-related injury or illness right away (within 30 days), or fail to file a claim within a given period of time (30 days in California) a judge may deny your claim for workers compensation benefits.
● Employer Disputation: Situations arise where an employer may dispute that the injury or illness you have suffered is not work related. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to request a copy of your completed accident report as well as the completed claim form.
● The Injury or Illness Doesn’t Meet State Requirements: Depending on the injury or illness in question, or the severity of said injury or illness, a workers’ compensation judge may deny your claim.
● Your Claim Was Filed After You Left the Job in Question: If you left the job where you experienced the injury (which may have been an ongoing condition) or illness before you filed your claim, it might be denied.

Regardless of the reason for a denial, appealing and having your case retried by an attorney with experience in these situations is crucial to receiving the benefits you may have been denied due to clerical mistakes or other issues.

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